Who We Are

Highly skilled interventional radiologists who help patients live pain free lives.

We are a group of caring and highly skilled providers who are dedicated to bringing the life changing medical subspecialty of interventional radiology (IR) to Central Oregon. Our team of board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians have performed thousands of image-guided procedures over their collective decades of experience.

What We Do

Using diagnostic imaging technology, our team of specialists can pinpoint and isolate your source of pain. Once diagnosed, your physician can then perform a minimally invasive procedure where they will guide tiny instruments through a tiny incision in the skin to treat the root cause of your pain. As these fairly pain-free procedures are done through the blood vessels, IR offers an alternative solution to traditional surgery for nearly every major organ system in your body.


Vascular intervention offers less risk and recovery time than traditional surgery.

This one is simple. Less risk. Less pain. Less recovery time. Many patients who choose IR procedures resume their daily activities the very next day. Sometimes that same afternoon. Every year we find more ways to use IR for the betterment of our patients lives. For many patients, open surgery is not a realistic option due to their weight or other health issues. IR offers them an avenue to a pain-free life they once thought wasn’t possible.

When To See Us

If you’re tired of not feeling like there is a solution to your suffering. If you’ve been told that traditional surgery is not an option due to your health. Or if you just want to get a second opinion before “going under the knife.” Then you owe it to yourself to consult with our team of certified physicians to see if IR can give you the relief and outcome you desire.

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